Building Code Compliance Software

Automating plan reviews and code studies for
Building Officials and Architects

Complete, accurate, software driven code studies with
plan checks and correction reports for building officials, architects and designers

Applying Science to Building Code Compliance

Since 1986, thousands of building officials and designers have found our software to be the fastest, easiest and the most cost-effective way to generate complete and accurate code studies, plan checks and correction reports.

Building Code Adoption Status by State

US states go through a review process to adopt a new International Code code year, so they can be on different code years.   Review the International Code by State table to see the current code year adoption.

A Few Simple Steps to Quickly Perform a Plan Review

Complete the form driven template

Quickly enter the design parameters for the building into the guided forms. Select your building type and the guided forms will ensure you collect all of the applicable information for the review.

Plan Review Step by Step Form
Analyze Plan Review

Let Plan Analyst run the math

Once you have entered all of the required information, Plan Analyst quickly searches the building code and performs the required time-consuming calculations.

Create the plan review and correction report

Create a correction report by reviewing the correction report section questions. The questions are customized to include only what is specific to the project, therefore saving time. When you have reviewed and answered the guiding questions a correction report is created, including all verifying code references.

Plan Review Checklist
Complete Plan Review Fast

Complete the plan review in record time

You can either print or save  the report as an electronic file. As a building official or architect, the recipient of the report is provided with a clear and complete view of a building’s compliance to code.