Building Department Plan Review

Plan Analyst software will evaluate and check designs, then create complete code compliance and correction reports, in minutes, not hours.
  • Building Departments 
  • Plans Examiners
  • Plan Reviewers
  • Building Inspectors
  • Building Officials
  • Architectural Plan Reviewer

6 ways Plan Analyst software transforms your plan review process​

Complete, Accurate Plan Reviews

Plan Analyst eliminates the need to go through the code manually and identify the relevant sections for the project, providing a streamlined approach that generates complete and accurate reviews.

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Ensure Accuracy and Consistency

Ensure plan review staff produce accurate, consistent reviews from project to project. Automated calculations and intelligent form driven navigation of the code eliminates errors.

Significantly Reduce Review and Approval Time​

Plan Analyst’s form driven approach and automated calculations means you’ll improve productivity and reduce the time it takes to do plan reviews by hours!

Identify Compliance Issues

Quickly and clearly Identify compliance issues to share with building designers via a standard report format.

Improve Communication

Improve communication with designers by providing them with a clearly laid out and easy to understand report.

Guided Through a Step by Step Process

Our code analysis software and design review calculators walk you through the plan review process to ensure you consider all potential issues.

Simplifying the Code Review Process

Making the Job Easier

Plan Analyst provides you with all the information you need to review a project’s plans for code compliance, or discuss the requirements with the person submitting the plans, without spending hours sifting through the code requirements, doing multiple calculations, and then creating a report. 

The auto-generated compliance report for a project provides you with a comprehensive list of the code requirements specifically for the building being reviewed, as well as compliance status and all code references. 

You, like thousands before you, can count on Plan Analyst’s speed, accuracy and consistency to streamline your plan check process.

How Plan Analyst Works

  • Fill in the forms to complete the building description.
  • Plan Analyst then searches through the code, completing all required time-consuming calculations and creates a code study that includes only the code requirements that apply to the project.
  • Create a correction report by reviewing the questions in the correction report section. The questions are customized to include only what is specific to the project. When you have reviewed and answered the prompted questions a correction report is created complete with all verifying code references.
  • If you are checking paper plans, you can attach this report to the plans eliminating additional report generation and reducing client code questions.
  • If you are checking plans using AutoDesk Design Review, you can simply cut and paste the required corrections from Plan Analyst to the Callouts boxes at the appropriate places on the plan. No paper!