Plan Analyst 2009 IBC & IRC


Plan Analyst 2009 IBC & IRC (64 bit)

The Plan Analyst IBC + IRC bundle conveniently provides both software programs at a discounted price. For building officials, architects, and designers involved in both commercial and residential plan review or code studies.

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Plan Analyst 2009 IBC & IRC (64 bit)

This convenient bundle provides Plan Analyst for the both IRC (International Residential Code) and IBC (International Building Code) at a discounted price. Plan Analyst code check software is the original, and best, solution for building officials, architects, and designers to quickly ensure a building’s compliance to code. This proven software application is much faster and more accurate than a manual plan review/code study! Don’t spend hours manually finding the code requirements related to your specific project, doing the calculations, then creating a report. Simply fill in the forms to complete the building description and then leave it to Plan Analyst to search through the relevant code requirements and complete all of the time-consuming calculations. Plan Analyst will then create a code study that only includes code requirements applicable to the project. You can then create a correction report by reviewing the questions Plan Analyst provides, customized to include only what is specific to the project. Building officials can quickly complete plan reviews for compliance, and instantly generate compliance reports to discuss with those submitting the plans. Architects and designers will be able to produce the code requirements needed to ensure design plans are code compliant, including instant answers to test “what if” scenarios.  Plan Analyst will give you complete confidence in your design’s code compliance, preventing delays when submitting the plans for review.

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