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Ben Adam Architect LLC
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Ben Adam chose to open his own firm in the small town of Boerne, Texas in an intentional effort to impact the built environment of the community that he and his ancestors have called home since Boerne’s founding by German colonists in the 1850s.

Ben Adam Architect, LLC is now a 17-year old firm, and Ben serves as Principal Architect and Owner. The firm’s portfolio ranges from residential to commercial to industrial, but is best known for the sensitive nature in which Ben’s designs complement and enhance the unique Boerne community.

Ben Adam Architect: Bergheim House
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Ben Adam Architect: Bergheim House

Ben has been a long-time user of Plan Analyst, recently upgrading to the 2021 versions of Plan Analyst for the International Building Code (IBC) and Plan Analyst for the International Residential Code (IRC).

What are your typical use cases for Plan Analyst?

I use Plan Analyst in several ways. It is the starting point for my Code Studies. It helps me identify areas in specs that need to be addressed. I use it to look at options of possible solutions, e.g., enlarging or reducing design to meet plumbing counts on existing spaces. Ultimately, I generate a complete Code Study for a project from Plan Analyst and attach it to my submission to the local code officials.

Can you quantify any productivity gains / cost savings from using the software?

We’re a small 3 man firm with few fee quotes based on hourly rates, so I haven’t quantified gains or cost savings. I find the software to be effective and cost efficient.

Are there any other benefits of the software for you?

I also include information generated from Plan Analyst in construction plan notes and specs.

Thank you, Ben!

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